3 Mistakes in Business to Avoid

Having business is a great, and it actually will give life lesson more than any education institution can give. The lesson typically comes from a mistake, and if you learn this way it means that you learn it the hard way. Fortunately, here are some lists gathered from entrepreneurs who experienced unfortunate mistakes in their development.

  • Not listening to customers

Customers are those who are using your products and services. Even though the company assumes to provide the best stuff that people ever use, yet it does not mean the customers are completely satisfied. Therefore, it is always good to listen – not just hear – complaints from the customers for the development and betterment of the company.

  • Too much planning and perfectionist

Some people plan something before establishing a business. It is actually very good because it means there is a clear path for the future. However, thinking too much about planning to achieve perfect road map to the future is not a good idea. The reason is perfect is subjectively measured, and there is no exact level of satisfaction in achieving the perfect result. Moreover, one important thing in business is an action which is represented through business service. Too much planning will kill the company even before it is established.

  • Choosing wrong people

Creating a business is typically not limited to a single person only because it involves many people at once. In this matter, it is necessary to find out the right people who share similar intention and vision. It is important to make sure that the person you are working with has knowledge in the same field so that s/he can be trusted to deal with everything. Moreover, that person also needs to have good intention and plan towards the business development.

Those are the three common mistakes that new businessperson made before and after establishing a business. There are actually still much more to learn about mistakes, but it is actually more important to act now to find out their solutions while making way to the top.



Many people are getting old, and there is a time when it is impossible to do things to get more money. Before that time comes, it is always a good thing to prepare by investing money into something profitable. One option that is quite interesting is investing gold for future. It is not a secret that gold does not seem affected by any kind of inflation in the world. Its price is generally increasing year by year, and it is actually an excellent way to make a profit in the future after selling the gold itself. There is no need to worry about selling the gold in the future because its demand is also high. Therefore, storing this shiny thing is definitely beneficial from the very first time.

Benefit Form Gold Investment

In addition to having stable or constant value in the eyes of the world, it is important to know the fact that some currency value such as dollar is decreasing slowly by the year. Holding dollar too long is definitely not a wise idea because there will be a time that it will not be valuable anymore. Fortunately for those holding gold, its price will stay the same or even increase from the first time it is bought.

Moreover, with the political situation that is getting unclear time by time that also reduces the dollar value, holding gold will be a viable investment for sparkling future.

The main point why it is necessary to have held as an investment is the fact that its price that should be paid using dollars is increasing. There is no need to do anything towards the gold as long as it is not stolen, and the future is surely guaranteed to have a great deal of profit. The drawback of this investment system is that a person needs to have a great deal of money to purchase the gold from beginning.